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Denmark Foods - Wholesale Specialist Suppliers of Fish, Sea Foods, Meats, Poultry and to Restaurants, Hotels and Caterers

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Prawns, King, Cold & Warm Water, Crevettes

Crab, King Prawns, Scampi

Lobster, Peeled Shrimps, Molluscs & Octopus

molluscMolluscs, Clams, Oysters, Scallops, Mussels

Fish Steaks, Cod, Plaice, Haddock, Lemon Sole

Whole Fish, Exotic Fish & Smoked Products

Natural Breaded Fish Fillets, Fish Steaks

goujonsSpecialities, Fish Cakes, Platers, Goujons


Meat Fresh & Frozen


Poultry Products


Fish Steak

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Speciality Food Cakes etc

Denmark Foods - Specialist Suppliers of Fish, Sea Foods, Meats & Poultry 

As a leading fish and seafood supplier / distributor in the North East of England, we source the world to bring the best fish and seafood products to our customers. We buy direct from the source in order to control all aspects of our fresh fish and seafood and frozen fish and seafood products. Quality, Variety and Reliability is what we bring to your seafood program.

Whether you are looking for something for your seafood counter or adding more to your menu, we will have what you need. Home of the Housecut Certified program, where quality is above all else.

Denmark Foods are wholesale frozen fish suppliers for all seafood ranging from warm and cold water prawns, cooked crevettes, scampi, crab, scallops, molluscs, fish (whole & fillets), exotic fish, smoked fish. As well as meat products and speciality desert products.

We pride ourselves in sourcing sustainable seafood whenever possible. We have a fresh catch mission in which all of our seafood products must reach the high quality food standards we have established. Make us the first choice for all your seafood needs.